Director's message


“jagrmate dakshin indrhastam” O God, we hold your right hand as You help us tread the right path.

This had been the philosophy when the Times Academy had been established about more than a decade ago in 2000 and is being followed till date. The general psychology we adopt is that unless we return you for what you engaged us, there is no right we hold upon the sum you extend us. It has not been easy to keep the education apart from or preventing it from becoming a business and it’s an honor to say that we accomplished that.

Ever since its inception, the Times Academy has continued to remain a “sanctum sanctorum”, a temple of learning and it’s a fact, everyone who has been here, would vouch for the same. “to be trusted is a grater compliment than any other in the world”. Sincerity in efforts and relentless dedication have been the ‘mantras’ to garner the confidence and trust of our students and that’s what can be called the real asset we have been able to accumulate over the years.

Being in a field of education which pertains, generally to the aspirants with their dreams abroad, it was observed that there were many innocents who failed in their missions and had their dreams shattered owing to certain greedy, unscrupulous people with no ethics or moral standard whose only motive remains to plunder the hard earned money of these gullible. Every time it happened, it used to pain a lot and this is how a seed to start the education consultancy services germinated.

It may be too early to forecast or predict what future beholds but it can surely be assured that the day one or for ever, the focus of ‘Times’ would remain centered on Quality, Professionalism and Dedication. Those who have helped us stand and grow, strengthened us to become a force to recon with, will grow in numbers and thereby helping us help those who need us.

( R.P. Sharad )